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Interntational Revival Ministry

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IRM is an international and interdenominational ministry dedicated to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every nation of the world and inspiring the body of Christ to be witnesses unto Jesus Christ. It has contact offices in Ethiopia (Africa), Germany and the US.

Since 2003, Evangelist Daniel and The IRM team have started the WWW project (World Wide Witness). It's a vision to go literally to every country of the world and preach the Gospel through:

Mass Media
Audio video

To fulfill this great task, the ministry works with all Christian Churches and Ministries worldwide.

Our 2009 plans are:

-Preaching the gospel through mass media.

-Sending associate evangelists in middle east countries to evangelise and plant churches.

-Conducting Evangelism seminars and Revival meetings in the US.

-Introducing our vision to churches to work in partnership for the end time task of reaching the whole world with the gospel within our generation!


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International Revival Ministry
P.O.box610363 Miami FL 33261

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Phone 305-609-8220

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