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15 Minutes en Sentinelle - Evangelism

Dear Brother:

My ministry is built on 3 dimensions.

1) Prayer
2) Evangelism
3) Teaching

Pierre Banès Laurore I received life in Jesus Christ in the year 1985 in a crusade. One year later I was baptized and become a member in a Baptist church.

I received the call to the Ministry and studied in the University Light between the years 1993-1997. In the same time I was Pastor of Bread to Men where I became the President of 18 churches.

In the year 1991, I founded an Interdenominational Movement of Prayer that is called “15 Minutes en Sentinelle”.(15MS) In this movement every member have to pass 15 minutes per week to pray for 10 others everywhere they can be. We pray one for another, the nation, America and the world.

This movement has 7700 members in different countries, including 3 continents - America, Europe and Africa. In Haiti alone, we have more than 700 Pastors in this ministry. We have over 226 nations to pray for. The document of Patrick Johnstone is our guide for intercession.

In 15 Minutes en Sentinelle, we have a Professional School

In 15 Minutes en Sentinelle, we have a Professional School. We trained youth, men and women giving them Professions enabling them to earn a living

We receive people everywhere in the country from 10 departments.

Evangelism and Teaching.

In the year 2001, I received the invitation to work with Evangelism Explosion International in the south and Grand’Anse of Haiti. I became the national coordinator for Evangelism Explosion in Haiti.
We trained more than 2500 leaders and pastors. We give them materials, teaching and other kind of encouragement.

We have a Press in the Ministry. This press helps us to print materials for teaching. It is one of the greatest gift God has given us for the ministry.

I teach evangelism and my Mission is to share to leaders and Pastors how to reach people from eternal death to eternal life.

What is my vision for Haiti?

1) To mobilize Pastors and leaders of the country to reach the lost for Jesus.
2) To reinforce efforts of the Prayer Movement 15MS in the country.
3) Receive and share training concerning “Build Churches”
4) To enlarge the Professional Center and construct a dormitory which will welcome 75 student interns.
5) Teaching Evangelism to Pastors, leaders and teaches and organize conferences to earn the nation for Christ.
6) Make an inventory to find churches to build for the Glory of God.

When to start?

‘The time is now and now is the time.’
Dr Billy Graham.

Pierre Banès Laurore

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