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Maranatha Ministry Orphanage

Maranatha Ministry orphanage

The orphans live in this small premises.

Help is needed to refurbish this facility and bring colour and life to the orphanage

"I need your help to feed the 34 children in the orphanage and help with education and to completed the church and orphanage. I have vision to go far with Maranatha Ministries, God is able. I know I don't have finance for this heavy charge but God is able."

Pastor Anous Nordeus.

Pastor Anous Nordeus,
Maranatha Ministry orphanage

The male and female dormitories, are clean and tidy but sparse and impersonal.


Help us bring light and colour to these preemies.

Linen is needed and wardrobes for the orphans.

Recreational facilities are needed

Maranatha Ministry orphanage
Maranatha Ministry orphanage This is the kitchen area. Here the meals are prepared and urgent help is needed.

Maranatha Ministry orphanage Maranatha Ministry is trying to be self sufficient and they have a chicken production plant providing eggs and chicken.

Seen here Pastor Anous Nordeus the founder of Maranatha Ministries distirbuting the Make Jesus Smile shoeboxes to the orphans.

Thanks to the children of the Power in the Blood church in Barbados who wrapped and packed Make Jesus Smile shoeboxes specially for these orphans.

CLICK to visit the Children's Outreach Party

Seen here Pastor Anous Nordeus the founder of Maranatha Ministries distirbuting the Make Jesus Smile shoeboxes to the orphans.

All of these orphan children are available to be sponsored through Maranatha Ministry in Haiti.

They will all have a web page and information about the child so you can select a child to bless.

We are trusting God to open doors of opportunity within the Power In The Blood church in Barbados to get these children sponsored.

Child Sponsorship Program

Full Sponsorship

US $30 per month will cover the child's education as well as a feeding program. Feeding them physically and Spiritually through the introduction of the Kids EE programme and other God centered After School Club activities.

Child Sponsorship Program

Part Sponsorship

You can select US $15 per month to cover education alone or the Feeding Programme alone.

Feeding Program

25 people taking part in the Part Sponsorship Feeding Program could feed 500 children for a year!

For just US $1 per day




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