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KidsGames - Million Hours Project

KidsGames Barbados

KidsGames can be run as a 5 or 10-day program.

The curriculum is one element but it is ‘surrounded’ by other things that will make each day special for the children.

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KidsGames Barbados
KidsGames Barbados
KidsGames Barbados

These other elements can include:

Seen here the Jaconiah Foundation visting a Barbados Children's Home.

For KG there is the goal of all the children across the world contributing "a million hours" in the Million Hours Project. Compassion was first modeled in Chennai India, a city of 4 million, when 1,500 children & teens in the 2002 KG/TG visited each sick child in the hospitals.

Seen here the Jaconiah Foundation visting a Barbados Children's Home click on picture to learn more.


The next model in 2002 was Bluefields Nicaragua where 1,100 children took part in 6 different compassion efforts. Almost all these children were very poor and this was the first time the local children found they didn't need to be recipients but they "could help their own people." They visited senior citizen homes, repaired the road system, upgraded a water system, identified all the fruits in Bluefields and came up with a way to can and bottle the fruits for export. They worked on agriculture and fishing projects. As the 10 lesson curriculum was on the life of Joseph he was the model of hope as he went from the pit to the palace through belief and faith.

The great need in 2004 is for all your KG, TG, EG & FG to take photos and video of your compassion projects? Document your model what happened for others in your country or across the world to learn from what you do. What an opportunity to learn from one another as Chennai and Bluefields provided.

In Andhra Pradesh State in India all 20 KG will include compassion projects. In two USA cities, the Vacaville KG compassion project is called Get'N'Gear. This will entail collecting used and new sports equipment for the immigrant migrant workers. The children of migrant workers will be included in the KG with the goal of bridging across language and racial lines. In Orlando 4,000 are expected to participate in serving in their local communities. All 4,000 will contribute "back to school" supplies of paper and pencils.1,000 of the KG participants who need such supplies won't know "they themselves" will be the recipients. One of the partner agencies is contributing the 1000 backpacks to hold the paper and pencils.

Founder of the Jeconiah Foundation Akeliah with Tory from Combined Faith



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