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KidsGames - Multi- Days

KidsGames Barbados

KidsGames is a multi-day, multi-group, sport focused, value based, global initiative for children aged between 6-14 years.

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KidsGames is run over many days. This is to give the children a fun experience and to build lasting relationships, something which cannot be done quickly.

There are many variations, but following are the most common models used successfully by KidsGames:

· One day per week for 10 weeks

· One day per week for 5 weeks

· Every day for 10 days

· Every day for 5 days

Each KidsGames organizing committee is free to choose when and how long they want their KidsGames to be. The details of what is done in these days is covered later in this manual. The only exception to the multi-day model is when a city does a trial one day KidsGames for promotional or training reasons. These are normally a KidsGamesDay.


No KidsGames is done by just one group. The strength and purpose behind KidsGames is to draw many different groups together. In some cases this will mean 2 or 3 groups, in other cases it will mean hundreds of groups. If the situation arises that only one church, school, group or organization wants to be involved, run KidsGames and invite other groups to observe with the hope of more partners becoming involved next time.

Sport focused
Sport is a universal activity that draws countries and people together in a unique way. This is particularly seen in the large global Sports events, like the Olympic Games or the World Cup of Football. KidsGames is a sports event that makes children the “heroes” and the celebrities.

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