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KidsGames involves sports and games in three ways:

KidsGames provides an opportunity for play and for coaching these skills.

Traditional and new Competitive Sports – for those children that enjoy competing to win in their chosen sport.

KidsGames provides an opportunity for play and for coaching these skills.

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KidsGames provides an opportunity for play and for coaching these skills.
KidsGames provides an opportunity for play and for coaching these skills.
KidsGames Barbados
·Children Are People

Experiential Games – especially designed games that teach a lesson linked to the values and Biblical message of the day.

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Fun Games – a time to let children be children, to have fun, play and enjoy being kids.
KidsGames Barbados
KidsGames Barbados
KidsGames Barbados
KidsGames Barbados

The sports and games are demonstrated in the Opening Ceremony with the competition played in the days or weeks following. The finals are played in the Closing Ceremony with awards and medals given to all participants (not just the winners).

Value based
Children Are People
KidsGames provides a caring place to have fun with children while sharing Biblical stories, values and messages in a creative and unique way.
Experiential learning games, dramas, stories, discussion and the testimonies of famous athletes are all key parts of KidsGames. It is a time for the children to experience and discover for themselves, in small groups, on the playing field or in a hall.
Drama at Boscabelle Primary School Barbados

Several well designed KidsGames learning Curriculums have been developed. These are The Champions, Joseph and Paul.

The Champions and Joseph are also still available for you to use. You’ll find 10-day and 5-day curriculums for both of these on the KidsGames CD and website. A new Curriculum will be developed every two years for KidsGames and will be available at the KidsGames website.

Global Initiative
KidsGames is truly global, from the team facilitating and helping bring resources together through to the number of countries involved. The most unique aspect about this global initiative is the partnership that makes it happen.

There are even KidsGames worldwide championships and projects in which children can compete.

The guiding leadership principles underneath the KidsGames partnership are quite special. They describe a leadership model of facilitating and serving. An initiative that is like a body where every part is important and where everyone, no matter how young, has a part to play. KidsGames will take committees and leaders to make it work, but shared partnership and humility will make it work well.

For Children aged between 6-14 years
In so many ways, children are special. Children are the largest single generation on earth. They have the potential to bring about great good to our world or send it further into turmoil. In years to come they will be the leaders of the world. Through KidsGames they can realize their potential now and begin to express their sporting, creative, leadership and spiritual gifts.

In so many ways, children are under threat. Children the world over face difficult circumstances, from loneliness and family breakdown, to famine, war, disease and exploitation. KidsGames is an opportunity to show compassion and love to those least loved and cared for. In the Indian KidsGames and elsewhere, it was the children who took on the challenge of being compassionate to other kids.

KidsGames facilitators and committees are encouraged to pursue ways of including disabled children, poor children, neglected and left-out children. Already KidsGames has provided love, care and fun to refugee children and child-soldiers in Central and Western Africa. Every city, village and island in this world has children who will benefit from KidsGames.

The Paul Curriculum (in the sports & games section) and the Sports and Games manual also includes ideas for including children with disabilities.

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