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KidsGames - Getting started


  • Keep the program moving children have short attention spans and are easily distracted.
  • Drama and story-telling should take no more than 8-10 minutes, usually less.
  • Linking comments by the Announcer and Roger Runalot should be brief.
  • Share It! (small group discussion) can be as little as 5-10 minutes Choose from the list of activities that are offered.
  • Sometimes – especially with older children – it will go longer, because they are involved in an important discussion. Make time to chat personally with children who show special interest.
KidsGames Barbados

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KidsGames Barbados
KidsGames Barbados
  • Make some choices and adaptations. How might you do this?
    Go through the program and make decisions about what is best for your group and what can be omitted. For example:
  • In many cases, we have given choices because we know that around the world, children live in different circumstances. Choose those scenarios that suit your children.
    KidsGames Barbados

  • You may choose either the David track or the Jesus track instead of both
  • Where there are two ‘Share It’ sessions, you could combine both sessions and reduce the number of activities.
  • You do not have to teach a new Lifebuilder every Program
KidsGames corodinator - Imran


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