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How to plant Moringa

Sowing seeds

Seeds can be planted as soon they are dry. Do not plant if older than three months those old seeds can be given to animals as vitamine tablets!

Before sowing, soak the seeds in water for one day and then position them 2 cm apart and 1 cm deep watering thoroughly.

After 15 days the seedlings will sprout. Seedlings for intensive cultivation can be transplanted 10 centimeters apart.

Other seedlings can be planted 1m apart if needed to produce seeds and pods.

Dig a hole 60cm deep and 50 cm wide.


You can plant directly into the soil or plastic bags or plastic bottles (cut off the top and bore holes in the bottom)

Add 3 parts soil and 2 parts sand.

The soil should be moist but do not overwater. Plant out into the ground after 2 – 3 months.

Water well prior to planting the Moringa sapling.

One third of the graft should be in soil.

Plants can be propagated from cuttings.

Cuttings (45 cm long can be planted 1.5 m wide apart and 10 cm deep)

Take cuttings from healthy plants during the rainy season. Provide a shaded area for the first 3 days.

Moringa Processing





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