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Mozambique, officially the Republic of Mozambique is a country in southeastern Africa bordering to the Indian Ocean in the east, Tanzania in the north, Malawi and Zambia in the northwest, Zimbabwe in the west and Swaziland and South Africa in the southwest.

The coat of arms of Mozambique, which was adopted in 1990, clearly recalls the former socialist government of the country. It shows a gear wheel, bordered by corn stalks and sugarcane. In the middle there is a red sun over a mountain and blue waves, an AK-47 crossed with a hoe, and a book. The wreath is tied with a ribbon bearing the name of the country.
The corn stalk and the sugar cane stand for the agriculture, or rather nature, the gear wheel for the workforce, the book for the social class of education, the pickaxe for the class of farmers, the AK-47 for the struggle for independence of the country, and the red star for socialism. The red sun symbolizes South of Africa and the hope for a better life.

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The children of Barbados are doing their best to help their brother's and sister's in Mozambique.

Praise Academy African Warriors led by the composer of the dance Gina Hunte. As the children dance they pray for the children of Mozambique and stamp on the enemy!

Praise Academy African Warriors

Seen here at Jesus Christ 2007 Not Out Cricket Festival Village in Barbados during Cricket World Cup.

The Barbadian children praying as they danced to bring awareness to the children of Mozambique.

Please join in as we seek to touch the lives of hundreds of children in Mozambique. Some of our Kisses from Heaven Tee Shirts have been hand painted by the children of Barbados.



The Tee Shirts and Colouring Books have been designed to share God’s love in a creative way and to deliver a message to the children in Africa, bringing…

'Kisses From Heaven'

'Kisses from Heaven’

is partnering with

United Caribbean Trust’s

‘Make Jesus Smile’
Shoebox project

United Caribbean Trust

Hundreds of shoe boxes were taken to Haiti and used as the introduction to United Caribbean Trust’s

‘Child Sponsorship Program’

We are looking at using the Tee Shirts in a similar way in Africa. As the child receives the Tee Shirt they will be photographed, these photos will be used to produce a website to create exposure & funds.

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