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World Sports Ministries

Our purpose for any mission trip is four fold:

Seen here taking an active role in the Cricket World Cup 2007.

1. To win people for Jesus Christ

2. To serve and partner with our hosts and the local Body of Christ

3. To train local leaders to continue outreach through sport

4. To train and give experience to our team leaders enabling them to serve their home church better when they return.

Seen here taking an active role in the Cricket World Cup 2007.


  • Kids Games
  • Coaching Clinics / Camps for kids and teens
  • Prison outreach
  • Orphanage kit and message distribution with games
  • Informal beach cricket ministry
  • Beach cricket tournament with Bar B Q
  • Arena outreach - inside or on outside of stadium during big match with literature and demonstration
  • Match screenings - mixing with and outreach to those watching at public screening venues.
  • Schools lessons / coaching (although it may be holidays when we are there?)
  • Church services
  • Outreach dinner / breakfasts / lunches - meal with a speaker
  • Old people's home outreach


Grant Sheppard - Experienced in sports ministry, leadership training, evangelist, can preach / teach groups and in church. Also active level 3 cricket coach and very able cricketer. Also coaches basketball, hockey, rugby, volleyball. Led 4 mission trips and been on 1 other. Planted sports ministry teams in 4 countries.

Steve Wiegand - Experienced in sports ministry, leadership training, evangelist, can preach / teach groups and in church, has ministry in USA. Can coach basketball. Led many mission trips. Has started some of the USA's largest kids camps with churches and overseas. (he may also bring 2 other Americans with him)

Akeel Yousaf - Pakistani, great at working with muslims and young people. Good qualified cricket coach (about to do level 2) He is our non resident missionary to Pakistan. Has been on 3 mission trips. Played first class cricket in Pakistan and for national U19 team. Still plays club cricket. Can also play soccer.

Duncan Wright - At university, only been saved 2 years, but has a heart for young people. Level 1 cricket coach and plays well. Great at relating faith with sport.

Graham Fish - South African. Plays high standard of cricket, coaches too and can play rugby / soccer.

Alexander Thomson - 17 years old, doing level 1 coaching as we speak. Very mature for age and plays to a good standard.

Damian Hodge - Our coaching co-ordinator here. Great football coach / good player. Loves cricket too and is good at reaching kids for Christ. Can train on coaching ministry.

Paul Sevier - Football coach in London. Evangelist. Mature minister for 15 years. Doesn't know much about cricket...working on him! Can preach / teach - great in prisons and is also an established gospel hip hop musician - very relevant to black youth...they love him.

Andy Baynton - School sports teacher - can coach most things. Plays football very well.

Jonathan Bullen - Great with teenagers, loves sport - done alot of prison ministry and can rapp also.

Sammy Kibisu - Kenyan, experienced in ministry works with kids in church also. Great servant heart.

Paul Woods - Not very sporty, but a great heart for serving and evangelism. Good with aspects of admin and book keeping.

Jay Lawrence - Leads sports ministry in a UK city. Great coach in soccer, basketball, rugby and volleyball. Awesome in attracting and working with Kids and Teens


Audry Sibindi - From Zimbabwe. Bible college student, can teach / do testimony. Great enthusiasm with kids. Good administrator.

Frances Kidd - Football coach / ladies player. Experienced coach, good at working with kids.

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