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Hope Child Care Centre - URGENT needs

We are delighted to announce that an amazing door of opportunity has opened for Project Hope and United Caribbean Trust (UCT). UCT’s African charity called the “African Bureau of Child Discipleship” (ABCD) has been offered a 5 year lease with the option to purchase, the currently redundant Jack & Ethel Educational Centre orphanage in Uganda.

We have now officially signed the agreement and ABCD is now the official caretakers of this enormous ministry opportunity. God is truly faithful and good.

However there are some URGENT needs that require to be met immediately, God willing.

Mosquito nets

Picture compliments of Iris Global Zimpeto


Mosquito nets offer protection against mosquitoes, flies, and other insects, and thus against the diseases they may carry.

Examples include Malaria, Dengue fever, Yellow fever, and various forms of Encephalitis, including the West Nile virus. These are needed for not only our children but for the orphans in the community surrounding the HCCC.

For just USD 20 per child we can prevent these diseases.



Hope Child Care Centre needs to purchase Kerosene lanterns

USD 10 will enable us to purchase a lamp.


African cooking pots

Traditional African cooking pots are an important part of African culture. Different types of pots are prevalent in different parts of the continent. The pots are so important that they have been synonymous with the food cooked in them; so much so that the food and the cooking pot often share the same name.

Hope Child Care Centre needs to purchase some new large pots for cooking.

Total cost USD 160


In some regions in Africa, women spend up to 5 hours a day collecting fuel wood and water and up to 4 hours preparing food.

90% of the work of gathering water and wood, for the household and for food preparation, is done by women or children. Most of the water is drawn in Jericans.

Hope Child Care Centre needs to purchase new Jericans to assist with water collection and storage.

Total cost USD 50


Farmers in many rural communities in Uganda keep goats as a form of insurance, in case of famine and crop failure. Goats can be sold to pay school fees for children. A goat comes in handy because it can be exchanged for cash to meet their needs.

Hope Child Care Centre needs to purchase 4 goats to help with producing milk and we plan to do this on the land at the rear of the orphanage. Praise God we have had a donation that enables us to get 2 goats.

Cost per goat USD 50

Hope Child Care Centre Urgent needs


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