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Restoration Ministries Zambia -

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus, I am glad to let you know that Pastor David Lotie has come back from Zambia where he went to meet our fellow brethren of House of Freedom Zambia. Below is an email received from him.

Thanks very much for your prayers because God protected one of the Zambian pastor who was also the interpreter of pastor Lotie, this Zambian Pastor was thrown out on the road while the track was moving it was so dreadful according to pastor Lotie, by the grace of our Lord that pastor was okay he proceeded with the journey.

The church of Zambia is doing very well they have managed to build their own prayer houses one is not on the photo, but it is good with glass on the roof.

This was on the day when pastor Lotie attended a Sunday service in our church in Zambia this is a small choir of seven but they are doing very well. As you can see on the photo two young men beating drums.





Seen here and above is Pastor Israel with his wife soon after Pastor Lotie had given them leadership books which will help them in their ministry.


Pastor Israel Siame on the door of the church, in black suit is Pastor Lotie.

The pastor sponsorship programme has now been established in Zambia and your help is requested.


Another picture of Pastor Siame in the church singing.


Outside is the wife of Pastor Siame dancing with Stella in black blouse.

Seen here Pastor Lotie behind him is the house he used to stay for the period when he was in Zambia.


The leaders of Restoration Ministries Zambia who received books from Pastor Lotie soon after the training, we hope Restoration Ministries Zambia will reach many with the gospel after the training.

Yours in Christ Stella (Pastor Lottie’s wife)

NB. Pastor Lotie has come back but he is not feeling well he is suffering from Malaria I hope he will call you to tell you more of his trip

May God bless you so much our Apostle and all those who were praying for him.

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