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Farm land purchase

Springs of Hope Care Ministries and Orphanage cares for 200+ Orphans both in Kenya and Uganda. Most of the children have had a street life experience. It’s very difficult for Springs of Hope to depend on Donations alone and therefore for swift and sufficient sustainability of the program it intends to purchase land worth 50 ACRES at US $1,800 per acre.

This will enable us to produce our own food that will sustain the ongoing program instead of having to rely on handouts and donations.

We plan to carry out crops and animal farming in order to provide enough food for the orphans. With this being said the Program will be self sustaining and through this our goal will be to witness to the community in a practical way as people will be able to support themselves through the sale of various products.

Are you inclined to be a part of this unfolding miracle of purchasing the land?

Then Contact us for any information you may need at sohuganda@gmail.com

Africa Community Moringa Project

Africa PowerClubs

We are believing God that we will be able to introduce the Africa Community Moringa Project through the children of the African PowerClubs.

PowerClubs are the outreach arm of Kids in Ministry International, and are local children's ministries in a wide variety of communities around the world.

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PowerClub Moringa Project

Africa Community Moringa Project:

Black grow bags will be purchased and Moringa seeds will be sourced. The children will be taught the Sowers Parable using Moringa seeds as a visual aid.

They will be taught about how to sow and grow Moringa teaching Biblical principles. Colouring Moringa books will teach them the nutritional value of Moringa.

The little saplings once established will be taken home and planted outside their homes.

Adult training sessions will be hosted by the local churches teaching the parents about the nutritional and health benefits of Moringa.

The little saplings once established will be taken home and planted outside their homes.

PowerClub Rabbit Feeding Program:

PowerClub Rabbit Feeding Program

We are believing God that we will be able to establish a rabbit feeding program for each of our African PowerClubs.

Moringa leaf meal (MOLM) can be used to improve daily weight gain in rabbits

Moringa is non-toxic to rabbits at least at the 20% diet inclusion level.

It has the potential to reduce cholesterol level in blood and the meat of rabbits.

PowerClub Rabbit Feeding Program

Moringa leaf meal (MOLM) could be used to replace soyabean meal (SBM) partially or completely in rabbit diets as a non-conventional protein source.


A major constraint to livestock production in developing countries is the scarcity and fluctuating quantity and quality of the year-round feed supply. To be able to substitute with leafy plants like Moringa is a great benefit.

The children and parents will be educated on Moringa's suitability as animal fodder and other trees such as Mulberry the Biblical Sycamore will be introduced with the Zacchaeus story!

They will be taught all the various stages of processing Moringa and numerous Moringa recipes.

Below is the latest video from Shape Lives Moringa Farm .

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