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communicating with your child

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As a sponsor, you will receive:

• a picture of the child, along with a brief biography
• progress reports twice yearly, detailing the child’s academic performance & current health status
• 1-2 personal letters and/or drawings yearly from your sponsored child


We encourage our sponsors to communicate as often as possible with their child.

You may write to your child by sending a letter (in a regular sized envelope) or a card, to the following address:

Springs of Hope Care Ministries & Orphanage Center

C/O Pastor David Cheni
Attn: (your child’s name)
Po Box 528
Busia Uganda

Pastor David Cheni

  Springs of Hope Bright Angels School Springs of Hope Orphanage Springs of Hope Child Sponsorship program Kenya Uganda


You will receive correspondence from your child at least twice a year.

You will receive correspondence from your child at least twice a year. This will be in the form of a letter and/or art. Some of the children can speak and write English, and if this is the case, you will receive a letter hand-written by your child.

If the child is younger, a volunteer will help the child write the letter after interviewing the child. Smaller children will send art or a drawing.

Please remember that the child’s world is very limited. They will not have exciting stories to tell about activities or places they have visited. Most of them have never left the village of Busia. They have no television, radio, video games, DVD players, or computers. Their lifestyle is very simple.

School in Uganda
Chldren in Uganda

They get up when it is light, and go to bed when it is dark. Their letters will be about school, their family, or their dreams.

Many of them dream of going to America, but have no real concept of what America is like.


Springs of Hope school teacher and church elder

Please also keep in mind that the children depend on you to be able to continue in school. This is especially true as your child gets older.

In secondary school (the equivalent of high school), they must pay school fees, buy uniforms and shoes, textbooks and all school supplies. This is impossible for the children who have no parents.

Therefore, please pray about continuing your sponsorship and helping your child complete high school.

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