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Pastor Happy Petit Martinique Church Building Project 2008 Carriacou Hurricane Shelter

Thy Kingdom Come Deliverance Sanctuary-

Sister Victor From an abused home, in 1948 at the age of 17, I I rushed into a premature marriage which finally broke up years later leaving me with six children from age one to ten years old.

In Trinidad a life was eeked out from a rented boarding house subsidised by sewing in the afternoon. In 1964 I had an opportunity to visit America with the Teachers to visit the World Fair, on returning I settled my kids at friends, gave up the rented house and returned to America. (Seen here at the Mission House of Prayer for All in Carriacou)

Always calling on Jesus for help, repenting and always going back helplessly into sin, relying on my own resources things went from bad to worse. I resolved to commit suicide, my kids have so much sorrow and I couldn't get things together in my own strength. BUT the Lord sent someone just moments before I was about to go off the roof. She persuaded me to try Jesus one more time, the next day I visited the prayer room of her church and the Lord filled me with the Holy Spirit. My life was changed forever.

Sister Victor  in Carriacou with Pastor Happy  and Sister Denise








(Seen here with Pastor Happy and Sister Denise at the church building project in Carriacou)

I got three jobs working nights, days and week ends and within four years I migrated my children from Trinidad to USA. Shortly after that I became very ill, I called on Jesus and the Lord sent a government worker to my home. With their help I was able to go back to school and eventually I got a job in the bank where I worked for 7 years. During that time I attended Bible School and in 1976 I got a missionary licence, having been saved for 10 years. At that time the Lord told me 'quit the job' this was the best job I ever had, so I told the Lord I would quit next year when I get myself prepared, but the job quit me within 10 months I was out!

Sister Victor at the Mission House of  PrayerThe Lord started to talk to me about Carriacou, to come to this land and witness. I asked the Lord what He had me to do in a place like Carriacou in the mid 70's? He gave me John 4: 25 . 'You know me, go tell what you know about me'

The rest is history. Sister Victor outside the Mission House of Prayer for All in Carriacou.


After walking the mud tracks of Carriacou, witnessing on the street, visiting the sick and the shut in I then started teaching dress making which enabled me to support the first 'Mission House of Prayer'

For 13 years prayers went up, love when out and food came in and out, I prayed and cooked as I ministered to the people of Carriacou. I saw many get healed as lives changed and the hand of God moved over this little island.

Having received citizenship by decent I was able to obtain a piece of land and built the existing 'Mission House of Prayer for All People', a place for prayer and Sunday School for the children of Carriacou, I then opened a day care in the Mission and by a miracle I got another property and relocated the day care into a bigger and better facility. (Seen here being used for worship following hurricane Emily)

I lived by faith, help came from known and unknown sources. God instructed me to set up church at the 'Mission House of Prayer for All People' He promised me He would send me an African man that was 'free single and disengaged' to take over the ministry. Many came and went and I waited on the Lord and the manifestation came 26 years later and the promise arrived suddenly with Pastor Happy.

The Lord confirmed this was the man, He brought me back my friends and family that I lost for many years as they began to understand the mission that God burned in my soul for Carriacou.

The foundations were laid, in prayer and fasting, helping the people Spiritually and Socially, sowing the seeds of love, the time was ripe for the harvest. (Pastor Happy seen here on left with sister Victor and his wife at the church building project')

God is building His church on the island of Carriacou, the building continues to astound the local inhabitance as well as government officials why marvel at the hand of God over their island.

Your financial help is needed to complete the children's church, donations can be accepted through the United Caribbean Trust. The church seen on the day of the dedication July 2nd 2006

Every member of the congregation has a role to play and this is a true demonstration of the United body of Christ building His church. Seen here Sister Victor with the youth of the church transporting cement in the early days

To contact Pastor Happy, Carriacou call Tel 1-473-443-7614 and Mobile 1-473-417-3802

To contact Jenny, U.C.T call (246) 421 6140


First Caribbean International Bank Barbados Ltd

Super Centre Complex


St. Michael


Account number 100043183

Sister Victor at the age of 74 is eager to start her new ministry of traveling and teaching, anointed with a healing mantel she is a willing servant of God.

United Caribbean Trust has been established for a purpose such as this, to fund and support missionaries within the field, this must surely be our most mature field missionary and what a strength and a witness she is to the people of the Caribbean. If God burdens you to help financially please

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Sister Victor and Evangelist Betty Clarke from Barbados on our most recent visit to Carriacou in November 2005.

Church building project

Our church was destroyed by hurricane Emily in June 2005.

The Beginning

Our church was destroyed by hurricane Emily in June 2005.

Land has been donated to the 'youth of the island' for the erection of a new church in Carriacou. A special thanks to the Grenada government.



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The roof is on

The focus remains on getting this church and hurricane shelter completed before the start of the 2006 hurricane season in June. .

The Carriacou church building project  underway April 2005

 Laying the foundations

God is building His church on the island of Carriacou, the building continues to astound the local inhabitance as well as government officials who marvel at the hand of God over their island.

See the walls go to learn more


The plastering is almost finished,

A new year update

The plastering is almost finished, why not sow into the 'Window seed' appeal. Your help is needed as this young church steps out in faith. No money has been borrowed and God has blessed their efforts.

March 2006 update on the church building project in Carriacou

March 2006

The plastering is almost finished the rafters are up, we trust God for the roof.

April after what seemed like a long wait the first sheets of galvanize was erected and the painting could start - God is good!



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