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Although Haiti has one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, it is a country full of poverty and illiteracy. It is suffering for a lack of leaders. It is for this reason that we endeavour to bring hope to this small corner of the world, through practical education and training in the Word of God.

It is our aim to raise up leaders who will bring positive changes for the future of Haiti, both naturally and spiritually.

Working in association with Restoration Ministries Haiti we aim to train Spiritual Leaders.

It is also our vision to build an orphan family care centre to provide for the basic needs of children and help poverty stricken families.

Introducing an agro project on the land to assist with feeding the children and workers on campus.

We continue to promote our Child Sponsorship Programmmes and School Twinning project, click on the picture links on the right to see how you can make a difference in the life of this child.

This project must be sustainable so we aim to build a 'Mission Holiday Village' on campus, to house missionaries and church youth groups visiting Haiti to help with the project.

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It is our goal to achieve this mission by establishing Vocational Training Centres coupled with Empowerment Leadership Conferences to develop future leaders.

Working in association with United Caribbean Trust this project will be assisted and promoted throughout their 'Christian Timeshare Resorts'

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