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Haiti Child Education

Haiti school

"Haiti's educational system has utterly failed for as many as half of that nation's children," Sheldon Shaeffer, chief of UNICEF's Education Section, said. "It is a major violation of human rights to consign children, by denying them education, to lives of poverty and disease."

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A nationwide assessment conducted in March 2004 showed that the political conflict in Haiti has had a severe impact on Haiti’s children, particularly the most vulnerable. During the period surrounding Aristide’s resignation, students in eight of 19 major cities received death threats aimed at preventing them from attending school or participating in public events. A number of schools and hospitals were the targets of violence and looting, and many schools were closed for months.

Haiti school

Haiti school
Haiti school

Adding these political and violent variables to an already struggling education system makes it increasingly difficult for Haiti to provide a quality education for all of its children. Still, it is a commitment that the people of Haiti are not ready to relinquish.

Today, primary school enrollment is also dropping due to economic factors. 60 percent of rural households suffer from chronic food insecurity, and food must come before education.

With an adult illiteracy rate of 52% (48% of males are illiterate and 52.2% of females are illiterate), education remains a key obstacle to economic and social advancement in Haiti.

The UCT Educational initiative is to help bring some relief to the educational woes of children in Haiti. There are plans within the Family Child Care Village to have an Educational Complex featuring Pre-primary , Primary and Secondary School Facilities which will cater to the Educational needs of the Children as well as a young adult Vocational Training Centre and Adult Literacy and English evening classes.

Such schools will be built around large playing fields and recreational facilities.

Schools: Kindergarten, Primary School, Secondary Schools.

(a) Children in the schools will range from age 2-5 Kindergarten, 5- 10+ Primary, age 11 –16 Secondary School.

(b) UCT will follow the same curriculums and syllabuses as outlined by the Ministry of Haiti. Research is in progress to identify other curriculums that could raise the standard of education in Haiti such as the Abeka Book Program.

(c) The schools will consist of the children from the Care Center and other children from the surrounding areas including the Care Centre at Bois Coupe.

(d) The School will function under the same time system as that outlined by the Ministry of Education for all schools in Haiti. Additional training will be given to teachers embarking on this project.



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