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Restoration Ministries Haiti - Pastor Rodrigue

Pastor Rodrigue Plésumé and his wife are our set leaders down in Haiti.

Just like us at Restoration Ministries Antigua, they are not seeking the promises of God for personal prosperity; instead, they seek God for the prosperity that will enable them to convert their communities and their cultures to Christ.


They are not motivated by greed. They understand that the grace of God is given to further His Kingdom and not their own personal agendas.

Seen here the rectory in Haiti supported by Pastor Lafueur in Antigua. You may feel led to help in this area of ministry. The rent is US $50 per month.

The rectory in Haiti
Pastor Rodrigue of Restoration Ministries Haiti with Pastor Lafleur Seen here with Pastor Lafleur on his recent trip to Haiti for Christmas and the New Year

Pastor Lafleur of Restoration Ministries Antigua in Haite with Pastor Rodrigue


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Pastor Rodrigue of Restoration Ministries Haiti

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