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Healing Hurting Hearts Sessions

PEOPLE INVOLVED: (Sourced from Bible Society Healing Hearts Club)

1. Facilitators
Have at least one facilitator for every ten children. Additional staff can be helpful and can be trained as facilitators.

2. Children.
• Between seven and thirteen years old.
• At least in Primary school.
• Traumatized from loss of parents, lived through a war, a hurricane, flood, earthquake or domestic violence.

• Ensure all children have the authorization form signed by their parents or guardians before participating in the program.
• Verify that facilitators do not have a criminal record. Ensure police checks are carried out if available.
• Obtain a written reference from their Pastor.
• Two adults should be with each group of children at all times.
• Ensuring transparency and providing additional help in case a child becomes ill or is injured.
• Find out about and comply with government policies regarding children in your area.

3. Parents or Guardians
Hold a meeting with the parents or guardians prior to the sessions to help you understand:
• What their child wants to learn.
• How this might affect their children initially and long term.
• How to listen to their children and support them in this process.

• Local leaders and/or Pastors should be aware of the Healing Hurting Hearts sessions and approve.
• Allow about three hours for each lesson.
• Split into two sessions with a short break between the sessions.





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