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Healing Hurting Hearts

Thank you for your interest in leaning more about the Healing Hurting Hearts children's curriculum.

In 2017 the children of Dominica were traumatized following hurricane Maria which made landfall Monday, September 18th 2017 on the Caribbean island of Dominica as a Category 5 storm. 90% of roofs were torn off. Some houses were swept away as what were usually streams in ravines became raging torrents. Children were hidden in closets, barrels and even a washing machine. They huddled with their families in bathrooms and toilets. Some children were injured and even swept from their parent's hands running for shelter in the dark of night. No class or village was exempt.

Immediately following the storm there was an outbreak of looting and vandalism with an outpouring of anger and disorientation as families sought to secure supplies of food and drinking water and struggled to cope without being able to contact their loved ones or to know if their extended families were even still alive.

Many businesses laid off their workers and adults were very anxious about how they were even going to survive. Thousands of children were sent overseas to stay with family or even strangers. Many grandparents were sent back to Europe and the US where they had spent their working lives. Families were blasted apart and traumatized children were suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

In this context this curriculum was birthed, developed by the women and children of Dominica, the story "And Puppy' was written by the children of Dominica following hurricane Maria, a Cat called Garry 5!

It is a partnership between Lifeline Ministries Dominica and United Caribbean Trust.

The structure of the training and the curriculum follows the Bible Society Healing Hearts Club, written for the children of DR Congo and we are grateful to be able to follow the same structure and guidelines establishing a Caribbean Version following a natural disaster.

Each of the twelve lessons includes a Bible story and a comparable real-life story about the experiences of a Caribbean family who experienced a devastating hurricane, so children can see the effects of trauma, learn how to work through their emotional and spiritual pain, and experience God’s love for them.

The Healthy Hurting Hearts curriculum is specifically designed for children who have experienced trauma. The book features a Caribbean family who learn about healing through the words of the Bible. Activities, such as drawing a picture of happy and painful memories, help them understand what they’re feeling so they can deal with their trauma and eventually work through it. Dance, art and play therapy is used to heal the broken hearts.





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