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Healing Hurting Hearts - Preparing to Impliment
Preparing to Implement Follow Me Kids' Discipleship Training Preparing to Implement Follow Me Kids' Discipleship Training Preparing to Implement Follow Me Kids' Discipleship Training Preparing to Implement Follow Me Kids' Discipleship Training Preparing to Implement Follow Me Kids' Discipleship Training

As you prepare to journey with this Healing HurtingHearts programme, you need to take seven main steps along the path.

1. Pray It is essential to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to direct your path as you select students, teachers, parents and leaders will help you in implementation. We suggest that you find a group of people to pray with you as you implement step by step though out the training.

2. Plan your Schedule The Healing Hurting Hearts sessions can be taught over twelve weeks in your church, After School Club, in your neighborhood, or condensed and taught at a one week Christian Summer Camp. It also works well as a Family Discipleship time. You will need to decide how long the training will be and when you will begin.

3. Prepare your Location You will need a safe environment where the children will have plenty of room to do praise and worship, drama, drawings and other activities that will require work space.

4. Prepare your Trainers

  • We strongly suggest one facilitator for every ten children, if possible.
  • Trainers can be discipled and can work one for just two children this creates a relational and interactive experience and allows trainers to learn alongside the children.
  • Trainers must love God and love children.
  • You should know their backgrounds and be confident of their concern for the children's well being and Spiritual development.
  • They must be faithful people willing to attend the entire training of the children. " Trainers should be able to teach others. 2 Timothy 2 v 2
  • They should be willing to learn the Gospel Plan prior to the training of the children.
  • Trainers should be willing to pray for and with the children they disciple.
  • Willing to meet with other trainers before each lesson to preview the next lesson and delegate teaching responsibilities.

5. Pre-Selection of children For the first implementation of the program, select the children who are Spiritually mature and able to eventually teach others. During the second training, when the student is ready he/she returns as a Trainer and invites two friends who they will disciple.

6. Prepare Materials Gather your materials before starting implementation. Some items may need to be ordered in advance. Photocopy or obtain necessary materials for the next lesson. Prepare the necessary props, activities, song, games, take home tools etc

All materials including Lesson Plans, Visual Aids, Activity Books, Music sheets and Music Videos can all be downloaded from our Dropbox Download Index.

7. Encountering God- Obtain suggestions and ideas for the last section of the curriculum.

Prepare to Teach





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