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Educational and Recreational Centre - Lavi

Educational Recreational Centre Levi The church Antiochie Paranam after a number of years labouring in the area of Lavigilantga in Paranam in District Para discovered that in order to reach the full man with the Gospel of Jesus Christ you have to consider man in Spirit, Soul and Body.

Out of this vision the Educational Recreational Centre Levi was birthed.

A multi purposed sports complex, which can be used by local schools and a two story building housing a child day care, library and a snack shop to enable the project to be self sufficient.

Educational Recreational Centre Levi
Educational Recreational Centre Levi The facilities will accommodate youth and children's educational and empowerment programmes, covering character building programmes, life skills, HIV/AIDS education, drugs awareness as well as a handy craft skill centre.

The facillities and activities will help reduce the emptiness within their lives and reduce the crime rate in the area.

It will also improve the educational level of the society in the surrounding area.

Educational Recreational Centre Levi
Financial help has been promised from Finland and further funding is required to enable us to complete the project in a shorter time.

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