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Antiochie Paranam

Antiochie is located in Paranam in the district of Para in Suriname, it is a church with a Mission Vision.

Antiochie constists of 250 visitors and around 200 members it is Pastored by Iwan and his wife Cheryl Oron and a support team of elders, deacons and workers.

Antiochie was founded over 22 years ago and has over the years trained eight Bible Students at the Bible School which is part of the Fellowship Body - the Evangelic Centre Suriname (ECS) All of these Bible students, with the exception of one that went to be with the Lord, are in the active service of the Lord.

Two churches have been planted by Antiochie:

• Antiochie Victoria – they are involved in Mission work in Lombe and Klaaskreek
• Antiochie Brokpondo – they are involved in Mission work in Ballingsaela
• Kom na Jesus has been adopted by the ministry for over 2 years - are involved in Mission work in Bronsweg.



We are trusting God to finish the church building in this year 2008 through a loan from the Bank, once completed our vision will refocus on Missions again.
God has placed new Mission fields on our heart in the interior of Suriname and overseas

Prayer requests:

1. That the church will stay Mission minded
2. That we will be able to continue to train and send workers into the Mission field
3. That doors of opportunity will open on the Mission field and the harvest will be ripe.
4. That finance for the Mission work will come forth, Antioche has budgeted to pledge US $5000 per annum as a seed for the release of this finance.
5. That suitable transportation will be available – Land Rover 8 seater and double cab open back truck.
6. That God raises up a technical team to assist with multi media, sound and web presence
7. A Medical team to visit the interior
8. A team of Intercessors and prayer warriors
9. For favour with the Bank to release the load to enable Antiochie to finish the church building project
10. Pray that the church will be financially viable and will be able to repay the loan.

United Caribbean Trust visited Suriname with 150 Make Jesus Smile shoeboxes to bless the Maroons - the Bush Negroes with these boxes, packed by children of Barbados, to help activate the Suriname Child Sponsorship Program.

Suriname church under construction Seen here Youth With a Mission helping with the church building program in 1998.
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