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Aims and objectives:

Promote the integration of Guyanese into the Barbadian Society,

Preserve and exhibit Guyanese culture in the Barbadian society,

Provide resource information for newly arrived Guyanese and Guyanese in need of assistance,

Organise celebrations around Guyana’s national events.

An AGM took place on October 16, 2004 when Pat Thompson was elected President and a Fusion/Lime on October 30, 2004.

Our members continue to support this fledgling organization. Gavin Ferreira and Kenneth Khan are involved in the works of the various Committees.

BARBADIANS must recognise the contribution of Guyanese to Barbados’ economy, says Barbados' Prime Minister Owen Arthur.

He made the point last Sunday at a lime/luncheon, billed A Taste Of Guyana, hosted by the Guyana Association of Barbados Inc. at Weiser’s On The Bay, Brandons, St Michael, to raise funds for the flood-ravaged country.

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