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A Taste Of Guyana

Guyanese our kith and kin, says Arthur - Wednesday 02, March-2005

BARBADIANS must recognise the contribution of Guyanese to Barbados’ economy, says Prime Minister Owen Arthur.

He made the point last Sunday at a lime/luncheon, billed A Taste Of Guyana, hosted by the Guyana Association of Barbados Inc. at Weiser’s On The Bay, Brandons, St Michael, to raise funds for the flood-ravaged country.

“Barbadians must never forget the time when the flow was from Barbados to Guyana. There is a strong relationship there,” Arthur said.

He said it was the residents of the South American country who were there in the early stages of the local textile and sugar industries thereby contributing to the capital growth of the economy.

The Prime Minister also pointed out that both countries had Banks Beer in common.

“They are our kith and kin,” Arthur said.

Arthur said that his love for Guyanese food particularly pepperpot, started several years ago when he was a student at the Mona Campus of the University of the West Indies in Jamaica and courted a lass from Guyana.

The Prime Minister said it was unfortunate that because of the tsunami, the “Guyanese plight has taken a back seat”.

He said that Governmentwouldbe contributing to the flood relief efforts and said a resolution would be going to Parliament to this end.

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