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Molly the Moringa Seed

A special 43 page Salvation Flip Chart has been produced in three different languages.

Molly the Moringa Seed (English)

Makena Mbegu Mlonge (Swahili)

Neli pa Mbewu ya Nsangowa (Chichewa)

Once upon a time there was a little seed called Neli (Chichewa), Makena (Swahili) or Molly (English)

She dreamed of one day becoming a big tree.

A Nsangowa tree! (Chichewa)

A Mlonge tree (Swahili)

A Moringa tree. (English)

But Neli was very very sad because people were calling her names...

Devil tree

Snake tree

Pit tree

And the story continues ...


Teaching on the nutritional value of Moringa, the health benefits to Molly's African friend, Mwamba and even helping him to treat his sick cow!!

Then the Flip charts go into the Salvation Gospel Presentation.

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