Jesus Christ 2007 not out
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It is with delight that we partner with Reconciliation Ministries to bring you this special edition of the Word for Today, This is a most significant time for our Caribbean region, an almost once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to host the World Cup of Cricket. The eyes of the cricketing world. covering more than half the world's population, is upon us.

We welcome all our visitors to the region and trust that it will be an enjoyable, rich and meaningful experience, Do enjoy our Caribbean hospitality, fine cuisine, climate nd natural beauty. Above all, our deepest desire and prayer for you is that you will also discover the most wonderful experience hat makes life purposeful and fulfilling - the joy of knowing Jesus Christ, the Creator and Lord in a personal way. It is our faith in Him that has sustained nd inspired our Caribbean people with warmth, love nd the will to succeed. We are a people blessed by God and we share that blessing with you through the pages of The Word for Today.

Do read, enjoy, weigh and meditate on it. Its truth will transform your life as it has ours Remember you were created for success and not for failure. Have a great time and let us hear from you. Walk good.

Al Miller

President Whole Life Ministries

Jesus Christ 2007 not out!

Jesus Christ 2007 not out!Had all the great bowlers from Constantine to Bret Lee including Marshall Garner, Larwood, Trueman, Lynwall, Gibbs, Sobers, Walsh, Benaud and Shane Warne done their best, He would still be, 'not out'/

Devils tempted Him and tried to kill Him. Critics and sceptics have hurled accusations against Him, still He stands resolute and unscathed. The French sceptic Voltaire vowed to destroy the Bible and make Christianity a vague memory, yet the very room from which he uttered those words later became the office of a Society sending Bibles all over the world. Ironic or another of those God statements like we see in Jeremiah 44: 28: "You shall know whose word shall stand, mine or theirs".

Men crucified Him, yes. But the real truth is He gave Himself as a sacrifice for our sins to purchase our salvation, Both man and Satan through on Good Friday He was out. On Easter Sunday He rose to prove His is forever not out!

Sourced from The Word for Today Caribbean Edition

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