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In Jesus Name Designs

In Jesus Name DesignsIJN (In Jesus Name) Designs was birthed out of a deep desire
to spread the Word of God in a creative and bold manner.
All of IJN’s products contain the Word of God; we believe that
the transforming power of the name of Jesus and God’s Word,
will change lives and save souls for the Kingdom of God.

IJN Designs is founded on Philippines 2:10-11 “…that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father.”

'Jesus Christ 2007 not out' t-shirts

The t-shirts are to be worn by the Christian community during the time of world cup as a means of ministry as persons distribute the devotional and as persons go about their day to day life.It is hoped that the Christian community in Barbados and throughout the region would buy into the concept to have the region flooded with the word of God on all fronts.

The design on the shirt is themed around cricket as it depicts a scoreboard with Jesus Christ as the first and last and His glory shining and overshadowing the other "greats" in W.I cricket - hence why their names etc are blurred ( its not about them).

The word of God is also highlighted as the word which is inspired by the Holy Spirit will transform those who read and have the opportunity to hear about Jesus and His love for all!

IJN Designs is a Kingdom Business which celebrates Christianity through the spreading of the Word of God worldwide through uniquely creative, high quality apparel and products. IJN Designs is a beacon of hope; our vision is to ignite the world one person at a time, using the Word of God.

We believe that by the grace of God; many lives will be transformed through reading, hearing and believing in the Word of God.

Robbie Quintyn Director of IJN Designs seen below at the Christian Action Team committee meeting
IJN Designs provides a channel for people of all ages to boldly wear affordable and trendy apparel with life-impacting messages of the salvation, deliverance, freedom, and joy that only Jesus Christ can bring. This revolutionary apparel provides the wearer with opportunities to share their beliefs and testimonies, as well as an avenue to minister the Good News freely to others.

All of IJN Designs products are created to bring glory and honor to God, in the name of His Son Jesus.


Part of all proceeds from sale of this shirt will go towards Rev George Millar in assisting him in offsetting the cost of printing the devotionals The Word for Today Devotional

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IJN Designs offers a variety of products and services, which include:

  • A wide array of shirts, all containing the Word of God - Polos, Oxfords, T-shirts, and Baby-tees in various styles, sizes, & colors, for women, men & children.
  • Corporate gifts (uniquely designed mens and ladies Polo or Oxford shirts), designed to incorporate your organization's logo and/or mission statement.
  • Uplifting holiday gifts ideas -- For Easter, Mother's & Father's Day, Christmas.
  • We also provide Custom Order shirts for special events such as; conferences, retreats, camps and mission trips.
  • IJN will customize design shirts to suit your every occasion.

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