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GUYANA -INTER-AMERICAN Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture

IICA donates $1M towards St. Stanislaus Farm recovery

Photo compliments of the Guyana CronicalFrom left, Vice-President of St. Stanislaus College Association, Mr. Maurice Watson, Assistant Manager, St. Stanislaus College Farm, Mr. Rohan (only name given), IICA Representative, Mr. Cromwell Crawford, Manager of the Farm, Mr. Mahadeo Mansaran, Chairman of the Farm Committee, Mr. Chris Fernandes, Committee Member of the Association, Mrs. Camille DeGroot and Association Treasurer, Mr. Suresh Singh looking at one of the machines in the milking parlour at the farm Tuesday.

(IICA) has made a $1M donation to St. Stanislaus College Farm Committee, towards the recovery programme following the recent flood that also affected the establishment.

After the cheque was handed over by IICA Representative in Guyana
Mr. Cromwell Crawford, the farm consultant, Mr. Kelvin Craig said the
money will be used to resuscitate the Antelope grass pasture, refurbish the milking parlour and repair the dairy processing unit and training centre.

Crawford said IICA has been associated with the enterprise for more than 20 years, utilising resources to transfer technologies from different parts of the world for the training of hundreds of students, farmers and technicians at the Sophia, Greater Georgetown location.

He was, therefore, pleased to support the post-flooding rehabilitation, including with 50 mineral blocks.Chairman of the Committee, Mr. Chris Fernandes acknowledged the significant contributions IICA made to the development of the farm since 1983
when a model dairy unit was set up there and he again thanked the benefactor agency for the additional assistance.

He disclosed that the farm lost hundreds of poultry livestock and feed in the floods and said the damage done to the dairy production unit was a tremendous setback to the operations.

Fernandes also announced that they have received a gift of Cdn$5,000 from Vice-President of the Association, Mr. Maurice Watson, on behalf of the Canadian Chapter of the Alumni Association

.Compliments of the Guyana Chronicle

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