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The BIG questions

What is your passion?

What's your driving force?

What's your motivation?

You were created for a desire to find a satisfying purpose in life... But while many things in the world claim to fill the emptiness inside, ultimately they never seem to satisfy.

Do you ever wonder, ;there must be something more"?

Jesus said. "I have come that you may experience life to the full"

Only by coming to Him can we enter a relationship with God and really begin to live.

When Jesus died He dealt with the barrier caused by all the bad stuff we've done, which prevents us being intimate with God.

The He rose from the deal showing not only has He the power to change lives, but also to defeat death.

By choosing to give your life to Him, you can start a relationship with God today.

God is passionate for you to know Him personally He longs to renew your purpose and define your passion.

Want to know more about Jesus Christ and how He can change your life? (no strings attached!)

Visit the web sites listed below for more information on Jesus and how he can transform your life.

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