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GUYANA - Thank you

Guyan Citizens Initiative for Flood Relief and UCT treamA trip to Guyana by the Co Founder of the United Caribbean Trust, Ms. Jenny Tryhane and their Mission Outreach personnel Mr. Tony Garner, to assess the extent of flood damage in the country revealed there is much work still to be done.

Guyana is in a highly vulnerable stage as it attempts to recover from the deadly floods that reeked havoc in February.

We write to express our immense gratitude for your kind support and assistance during our recent Mission to Guyana. Your inputs have been invaluable in the development of Empowerment Initiatives which will be customized to the Guyana Communities impacted by the floods, and we thank you for your contribution.

UCT Empowerment Initiatives have been designed to enable community recovery and thereby ensure community wellness. These are implemented soonest, as the vulnerable members of the community have to have their needs met so as to minimize the impact on the wider body. To this end, we have implemented:

* Baby Emergency Kits
* Geriatric Emergency Kits
* The Mattress Initiative
* Disaster Mitigation Workshops

Fund ~ seeking is also an important area for consideration. UCT is a self-financed, not-for-profit Trust acting as “Hands of Help” and partnering with organizations such as yours, to ensure that the wider communities optimize the benefits from over 30 years of collective Disaster Management expertise. To this end, it will be necessary to identify external grant or donor funding so as to maximize the reach of the Empowerment Initiatives. The details of the UCT Tithe Ten Club can be viewed on-line at
Additionally, we would be pleased to host pertinent information relevant to partnering Organizations at the aforementioned website; documentation ensures transparency and lessons learned provide invaluable assistance to other territories similarly affected by natural events.

We thank you, once again, for your kind and compassionate response to the needs of the People of Guyana and we look forward to our continued association.

God bless you all.

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