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Goshen Conference Resorts - Barbados
Goshen Conference Resorts Barbados Goshen Conference Resorts Barbados Goshen Conference Resorts Barbados

Welcome to our Goshen Conference Resorts - Barbados website. United Caribbean Trust (UCT) is aware that the current volatile economy makes purchasing of property and maintaining the operations of Project Hope unrealistic if we are dependent solely on donations. With this in mind UCT has developed a business plan which is intended to fund the purchase of the Property and sustain the on-going operations of Project Hope.

We propose the development of an international Christian renewal, conference centre and timeshare resort called ‘Goshen Conference Resorts - Barbados’ (“GCR”) upon 15 acres of land indentified on the north coast of Barbados providing accommodation for 600 residents.

The primary motive in establishing GCR is to generate the finances required for UCT not only to purchase the Property but also for UCT to underwrite other Christian humanitarian mission projects around the world.

We invite you to click the links on the left hand side of our website under the ‘’Goshen Conference Resort’’ heading in sequential order, starting from the top link and going down through each link to give you a more comprehensive picture of the project as the information in each link flows one from another.

We appreciate you for taking the time to browse our website and your interest in getting to know who UCT is and how unique Goshen Conference Resorts – Barbados really is.

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