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Character First After School Club

Permission requested to use information from The Character First!® Education website

Today crime, juvenile delinquency, broken families, and overcrowded prisons overshadow many nation's productivity, ingenuity, and prosperity. The reason for this decline is the lack of individual character. Click to learn more about Character Cities

United Caribbean Trust would like to see Character Islands springing up all over the Caribbean. We believe it must start with the children.


Integrate Character Into Learning and Life

America's schoolmaster, Noah Webster, said, "To exterminate our vices is more important to the character and happiness of our citizens than any other improvements in our system of education."

Teddy Roosevelt also realized the crucial need for character education: "to educate a person in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society." School violence serves as a reminder of what happens when children and young adults do not receive a good moral foundation. However, a school-wide focus upon character development has successfully reduced improper behavior and instilled universal principles essential to effective learning and student success.

Find the Best Character Program for Your School

A community-wide character program should provide tools to saturate a whole community, from the classroom to the workplace. This approach reinforces parental involvement and ensures character education in the classroom harmonizes with character education in the family. A character education program should contain the following elements:

  • clearly defined and illustrated character qualities,
  • an emphasis upon personal responsibility and practical commitments,
  • examples of each character quality being used in real-life situations,
  • a structure that promotes character as something that is "caught" as well as taught (e.g., through mentorship), and
  • integrated character training in public and private schools at every level.

Reinforce Character in the Family:

Character in schools strengthens the entire community and it's families by…

  • facilitating a culture of character that will encourage children and young adults to make right decisions,
  • training children in character from a young age, and
  • encouraging parents to deepen character training in the home with the take-home resources provided.

Character First!® Education

Student cooperation. A positive learning environment. High academic achievement. Does this sound like your school? It can.

The Character First!® Education website can tell you more, or you can call the Character First!® Education office: 405-815-0001


Education Training

For a community-wide character initiative to succeed, it must reach into the schools and provide students with positive motivation.

The Character First! Education program and curriculum enables school staff and students to enhance the effectiveness of education, help students understand the role of character in their success, and provide resources and tools for school administrators and teachers to use as they develop a culture of good character in their institutions.

Across the nation and around the world, teachers, parents, and principals have reported the difference character is making in the lives of their students.

  • Increased student cooperation
  • Improved school safety
  • Reduced disciplinary problems
  • Enhanced learning environment
  • Increased academic achievement
  • Greater staff unity
  • Improved family harmony
Share the vision for character education with the entire faculty through faculty in-service training. This training equips your staff to begin and maintain a character emphasis.

Involve the community in your character emphasis. Volunteer training gives practical ways for high school mentors and others in the community to encourage character in elementary-age students.

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Soursed from The Character First!® Education website

United Caribbean Trust is excited about this new dynamic character training programme and we are seeking God's face for clarity on how we can be of assistance in extending this programme into the schools and Community Centres throughout Barbados and eventually the Caribbean including our base in Haiti.
May God's will be done throughout the Caribbean.

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