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Jeff Bradshaw

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Ten years ago on July 13th, 1997 the Lord brought a restless soul home. That restless soul was me, Jeff Bradshaw. I had been in the church but not in the church for many years but kept holding back from the fullness of God’s grace that He had for me. In the ultimate act of grace, my heart was raptured into the kingdom during a moment of total surrender in prayer. I had many in my family who were praying for me and this time of surrender was an answer to prayers that I will always be thankful for. In 1997,
I began volunteering for a wonderful organization called Compassion International. I served as a volunteer for approximately 5 years until the growth of United Missions led me away from the Compassion fold.

In April of 1998, my wife Debbie and I went down to Haiti to visit a child that we had been sponsoring through Compassion International. During this visit I sensed the Master’s call to become more involved with missions work. I had prayed to be more involved six months prior to the trip and when we went to Haiti I met a wonderful servant of the Lord, Pastor Achille who told me of a village in the mountains that had many children and many needs. In 1999, I returned to Haiti by myself and went with Pastor Achille to visit Cornillon, Haiti. That fall in faith a Christian School was started. One year after starting the school regular support began to come in and has continued to come in over the past 8 years.

Last year, the Lord called United Missions to become involved with the work at an orphanage in Bon Repos which is in Port-au-prince and over the past year two elementary school teachers, Sherrie Smith and Gewanda Johnson, with hearts of gold have come forth to join in the work to help this new ministry to flourish. As we walk in faith, God faithfully provides and I thank God for bringing forth the web designer, Kevin Moss, who is yet another answer to prayer.

Jeff Bradshaw

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