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Bob Gass compliments of Dear Readers,

I'm happy to hear that the Word for You Today continues to grow in Canada. Eight years ago we printed our first 3,000 copies in Britain. Only God knew how it would grow. This quarter we published approximately 1.5 million copies in 25 different languages. To God be the Glory!

You couldn't have better leaders than my friends Gary and Pam. These gifted people not only have great experience in Christian Radio, they also have the vision and the stick-to-it-iveness to get the job done. You are truly blessed to have them.

Everything great starts with something small - and one other thing - people committed to its success. God never calls a man by himself, he always calls others to stand with him. That's how visions are fulfilled. Paul wrote to a very special group and told them "You have become my partners in spreading the good news." (Phillippians 4:3 NLT)

What a thrill it was to learn that UCB Canada is about to break through with it's first Christian Radio Station. Isn't God good?

Every national network begins with one station. Every station begins with a group of partners, committed to spreading the news, praying for its success, and supporting it with its finances.

I pray that the Lord will lay it on your heart to become a partner with Gary and Pam in giving birth to this great Christian Radio Station.

David wrote, "The Lord gave the Word; great was the company of those who proclaimed it." (Psalm 68:11)

Canada desperately needs God. We have the answer, "The Word." Today I encourage you to join the company of those who proclaim it and let's build this station to the Glory of God.

Your friend,

Bob Gass

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Bob Gass was born in Ireland and emmigrated to America at age 17. Bob Gass Ministries is international in scope and purpose. This former pastor is well known on Christian television and around the world as a dynamic preacher. Bob currently serves as a director of United Christian Broadcasters in Great Britain. His quarterly devotional The Word For You Today is loved and read by over one million readers.

Debby Gass was born in Ireland too, and grew up in the same church where Bob received his call to the ministry. Besides project managing and editing The Word For You Today, Debby is also a contributing author.

Bob and his wife Debby, reside in Atlanta, Georgia.

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