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Zimbabwe - Tapiwa Alphas

I am Tapiwa Alphas a student of Evangel Bible College, aged thirty and a father of two. Solders in Christ I long to tell you of what Christ did in my life. I have every reason to jump sky high because of what Jesus did in my life.

Before I found my way to the cross I used to eat karate, drink karate, and sleep karate. I thought this was all in the world to live for. In spite of spending many hours in karate Dojos, training and indulging in Yoga techniques, I could not find rest, peace of mind. Every hour the consciousness of sin haunted and oppressed me. Day after day brought its register of sin. To will was indeed present with me but how to do that which I willed I found not. I kept sinking in to the mire and slough of despondency. I hated myself, I hated sin and I wallowed in self-pity. I got so fretted in this climate that temptations, trials, irritability, evil concupiscence licentiousness hard thoughts and at times unkind words were more difficult to control. I went to movies seeking solace for my soul but the more I went there the more I become angry, the more I indulged in self pity the more frustrated I became. Suicidal thoughts became a worm in my thoughts I attempted it twice and it was on the second attempt that I missed death by a whisker, life to me had become meaningless and hopeless. I said to myself “I am a man I can die, who can deliver me from this body of death?”
Thank God, for Jesus Christ my Lord, He saved me and I found a simple faith in Jesus that delivering me from what is artificial and superficial.
.Blessed deliverance indeed! I found a pearl of treasure in Jesus, a priceless treasure. The greatest and grandest of all themes is Jesus. He is the source, the solace, the substantance, and sum total of lasting joy. It is in Jesus that reality is found.

I am determined not to take my eye off Him for a moment. Earthly riches and all their glory are but temporal and they can so up in billows of smoke in a couple of minutes. Jesus is all I need. He is the supply and the satisfaction for every yearning heart.

Please pray for me, it is five years now since my wife deserted me, she left when our second child was only eight months leaving both of them to my care. I sometimes feel lonely and desperate due to circumstances beyond my control

If you can be of any help to my fees at E.B.C. Please help, we are living in the most trying times in Zimbabwe. Life is hard as prices of basic commodities are skyrocketing almost on a weekly basis if not daily basis. It can be rightly said that prices are born and raised in Zimbabwe!

“Who knows if we have not yet come to the kingdom for such a time as this.”

May God hold you fast?

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