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Zimbabwe - Pastor Richard Master

My name is Pastor Richard Master. I was saved at Maseko Epworth under the ministry of Pastor Chinyama when I was seventeen years old. I was involved in many things before I became a believer like Karate. However I praise God for His love and mercy upon my life. People knew me (I was so popular) with bad practices but after I received Christ I involved myself in church activities including leading home cell groups. In August 1999 God blessed me with a job and there I started lunch hour ministry were a lot of my workmates got saved. In September 2001 we planted four churches under Pastor Chinyama. One of the churches is in Domboramwari Epworth were I am Pastoring until now. The church is growing, and I believe it is through God’ s intervention. Last year in August I became engaged to be married to a girl by the name Angeline Samson. In terms of ministry I am planning to further my education, I graduated with a Diploma in 2004 at Evangel Bible College and now seek to do a Degree in Theology. Even though I encounter many hardships I will continue to press on towards the goal until the day He comes. I am planning to go to many countries as a missionary to spread the good news of Christ who is coming very soon.
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