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Zimbabwe - Daimon Kaziputalimba

Click to enlarge Daimon Kaziputalimba  and his familyMy name is Daimon Kaziputalimba and I am married to one wife. I was born on 28/05/1972. God has blessed us with a child.

My mother passed away when I was just 14 years old. I became a school drop out and my father forced me to seek employment. I was employed at a farm for a year and things did not work out well for me there. I went to the city and met some guys who became my friends. The unfortunate part was that these guys were thieves and I joined the crew. I started to drink any strong stuff that I could get my hands on and none of my relatives wanted to associate with me. I was a thug, lost in sin.

I had no hope that my life would change as it was something beyond my control. The word of God was preached to me every day but my response was negative until one day I said, “Let me try this Jesus.” To my surprise my life started to change.

God transformed my life and He gave me a wife and a child together with a proper job.
I owe God my life and now I want to serve him full time until His return.
I hope to go to Evangel Bible College in January and so I am seeking financial assistance to enable me to start my ministry.

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