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Zimbabwe - Benny Matemba

My name is Benny Matemba, I am twenty years old, I personally thank the Lord for forgiving and forgetting my sins and putting the past behind me.

Today I can see the importance of having my personal Saviour. This is creating in me the desire to see many people being saved, from gambling, hypocrite, and womanizing. I live in a high Islamic area there is one of the biggest mosque it is called Domboramwari (‘the rock of God”). In the same area there are many cults and Satanic influences.
My prayer is that these people be saved.
Early this year I felt God’s call upon my life. God has been confirming this through the way I minister to others. I have this burden for ministry upon my heart. I feel it is high time to go to Evangel Bible College in Zimbabwe. I want to be equipped for ministry. But financially I need help and would like to be included in the Pastor Sponsorship Programme

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