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Kids'EE - Barbados Semester 2008

The Scripture Fun Fair is an exciting way to start the Kids EE training.

UNIT 1 Scripture Fun Fair

Welcome to the Scripture Fun Fair, an exciting way to start the Kids EE training.

The children are taught the Power of the Word of God.

There are 10 stations or games in the Scripture Fun Fair for the children to get involved and 10 Bible Verses to learn and take home as part of the 'Power Pack'

Full version of Unit 1

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Kids' EE Interview

We use our BIG EARS and our BIG EYES to listen to and read God's Word - the Bible, to learn about Him. The children enjoy making their own and these are the Unit 2 Take Home Truths.

We listen to and look at each other to learn about each other. (Introduction to the Interview)

Full version of Unit 2

Kids' EE Interview

Like a train, knowing the Outline of the Gospel helps us stay on track.

UNIT 3 - Bare Bones Gospel Outline

The Gospel is the Good News of Salvation. The Outline of the Gospel is the six main parts of the Gospel message.

Like a train, knowing the Bare Bones Outline of the Gospel helps us stay on track.

Full version of Unit 3


UNIT 4 - Gospel in a Nutshell

We can share the basic message of the Gospel in a very simple way. It is called Gospel in a nutshell

It includes the basic truths of the Gospel; that is, what we need to know to receive the gift of eternal life.

Full version of Unit 4

Gospel in a Nutshell

Farley, I want you to be in Heaven with me and I want to share something very important with you...

UNIT 5 Making a Commitment

Farley, I want you to be in Heaven with me and I want to share something very important with you...

Jesus promises that when we trust in Him alone, then we have eternal life. John 6: 47

Full version of Unit 5

My Testimony

UNIT 6 Talking and Testimony

Review Truth: In every unit information learned the week before is reviewed. Including the Bible verses they should know by now including hand movements.

  • Proverbs 3 : 5 - 6
  • Romans 6 : 23
  • John 3 : 16
  • John 6: 47
  • Rev. 3 : 20

UNIT 7 Two Diagnostic Questions

Now that the child has written out his/ her testimony and is aware of how to say it they now learn how to approach their friends with the two diagnostic questions.

Full version of Unit 7

Heaven is a free gift

UNIT 8 Grace

Heaven is a free gift

Heaven is a wonderful place! We get to Heaven and spend eternity with God by trusting in Jesus Christ ALONE for the gift of eternal life

Full version of Unit 8

UNIT 9 Man

The children continue to work their way through the Gospel Presentation using the Farley Cards.

Start the lesson reviewing What is Heaven like? What is eternal life? What is Grace?

By the end of this lesson children should be able to define sin, they must understand that everyone, without exception, is a sinner.Full version of Unit 9

What is sin?

God is Love

UNIT 10 God

During this lesson the children will understand God's attributes, including that God is loving, but also just.

Full version of Unit 10


UNIT 11 Christ

During this unit the children gain understanding in who Christ is, and what He did.

Full version of Unit 11


UNIT 12 Faith

How do we get this gift>

Full version of Unit 12

What is Faith

UNIT 13 Commitment

Children understand that commitment is trust in Jesus ALONE as Savior and Lord.

Commitment means making a decision and following through.

Full version of Unit 13

UNIT 14 Follow Up

The children should by now be able to do the entire Gospel Presentation with motions.

Full version of Unit 14

Welcome to the family of God

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