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Caribbean Disaster Mitigation and Community Empowerment Initiative BARNUFO

United Caribbean would like to thank BARNUFO for their constant support during the relief work done in Grenada in 2004/05.

This is how it all began.

Primary Team 2 left Barbados on Friday, 17 September 2004 at approx 2200 hrs aboard the Barbados based vessel, RUVINT.

In addition to a full hold, much deck space was also used to carry the almost over 800lbs of relief supplies and seven members team led by project coordinator Dawnay R. St. John .

Meet the team

United Caribbean team leaving Barbados heading for Carriacou
The Nation newspaper group representatives, veteran photographer, Mr. Charles Grant The Primary Team was joined by The Nation newspaper group representatives, veteran photographer, Mr. Charles Grant and a female reporter en route to Grenada.
The boat was captained by Mr. Davy Crockett and Joe, his mate. The boat 'Ruvint' is owned by Tony Pooler 'Sparkie' and a special thanks must go to him for his help and support in this venture. Mr. Davy Crockett and Joe took us saftly to Carriacou, thank you
Ruvint a safe calm crossing to Carriacou

The crossing was made in approx 12 hours, God was good to us the sea was calm the sky was clear and the team slept on deck under the stars.

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Arriving at Petite Martinique, 10:10am, Saturday 18 September 2004.

The return journey was facilitated by the Lucky Lady.


Thanks to all at BARNUFO for your help and support.
Thanks especially to Johnathan Morgan for his encouragement, and a wonderful lobster lunch!

The Bajan boats in St George's harbour on a mercy mission.

Thank you guys!

The Skipper who safety got us there and back.

Well done, it made us proud to be Barbadian.

These boats have provided the relief workers with free accommodation and for that we are grateful.

.The skipper that took us back to Carriacou for our special Christmas mission.

Thanks for a smooth, safe crossing.

The United Caribbean Trust was joined for a second time by independent traveling journalist and video experts to document the distribution

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