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Mega Shift

This is a major publishing event, as it marks the last major turning point in the tortured odyssey of mankind.

Seen below James Rutz the auther of Mega Shift in Barbados 2007 (Click to enlarge)

James Rutz the author of Mega Shift in Barbados 2007

The collapse of the ancient world into the misery of the Dark Ages can be blamed mostly on the early church. MEGASHIFT takes a look back at the early and medieval church, from which we are just now escaping, and reveals with surgical precision the deadly flaw that hobbled seventy generations of struggling saints and sent our ancestors reeling through a valley of butchery and hatred.

The Barbados Mega Shift The Barbados Mega Shift The Barbados Mega Shift

James Rutz the author of Mega Shift in Barbados 2007It then opens the curtain on the future, and the arrival of the most breathtaking, sweeping global changes in 2000 years. This book is not about a theory, but a worldwide fact: a megashift now producing documented miracles that stagger belief, the most shocking being the resurrection of hundreds of people in 49 nations, mainly since 1990. A whole new era of humanity is upon us, plus a fresh new phase of Christianity with a dramatically new way of living.

James Rutz the author of Mega Shift in Barbados 2007Though never disclosed to the general public before, these changes are already clearly destined to eclipse the Reformation and transform the face of civilization. MEGASHIFT breaks the news. It announces a massive power transfer, into the hands of the common man ... and gives us practical ways to take a giant step up, to play a role in this final Transformation, the endgame of the plan of God.

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Right now, millions of miracles are taking place through millions of ordinary people. Sometimes they even raise the dead. Individuals and cities are being transformed as an exciting new type of Christianity explodes onto the scene. < Read more >

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