MAY 27, 2007

Imagine youth from this emerging generation in all the nations praying on the high places around the world on May 27, 2007, the Global Day of Prayer

Imagine Christians from 220 nations filling up stadiums, community centres, city squares and churches, interceding as their youth groups go out to take their positions on the high places, to repent and cry out to
the Lord for the redemption of their nations!

The Global Day of Prayer, observed on Pentecost Sunday, May 27, 2007 is offering a unique and exciting challenge to our youth this year. The assignment is to climb to the high places in their regions all around the world, and to proclaim the glory of the Lord over their cities, regions and nations! They will shout from the highest peaks of the world that the earth and everything on it belongs to the Lord! They will reclaim their land in Jesus’ Name and proclaim that “the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea” Hab. 2:14.

Summit ’07 is an opportunity for youth groups to rise to the occasion and summit the highest places in their communities or regions. Make it a prayer pilgrimage, or do something prophetic that will speak of commitment to be radical followers of Christ. Climb a little hill or go to the top of the highest building in the area…just get out and go to the highest place you can find. Then repent for national sins, and with lives fully reconsecrated to God, passionately shout His praise!

Pray as you are lead to…pray the WORD of God, the promises of God or have a time of worship. There is NO specific way, JUST DO IT! The effect of the prayers offered this day will not only reverberate in the heavens, but will most certainly change our nations. Be creative, adventurous, spontaneous… as you take relationship with God to the next level.

What: SUMMIT ’07 Praying from the high places
Where: The highest point in the community / region
When: GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER – May 27, 2007
Who: Youth from all the nations of the Globe

GDOP Youth website…

To participate in the Central Florida GDOP observance and SUMMIT ’07 contact:

Maureen Bravo 407-332-7286
Milton Monell 407-797-1271
Chris Vennetti 407-846-8300

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